The History of the Internet

Infographics about the history of the internet

If you were ever curious about the history of the internet, you already know that it takes time to find out when and what happened and how those things were related to each other. One event itself doesn’t say too much if you can’t see the context. With this infographic I tried to illustrate this complex story in a clean and easy to digest way.

The Solar System – Planets

The Solar System, Planets - infographics
An infographic about our Solar System’s planets in isometric style. It compares the distance of the planets from the Sun, the length of the days and years (orbital period), number of moons, the size of the planets and the axial tilt.

Countries Along the Danube

Countries Along The Danube - infographics

Length of the Danube compared among the 10 countries it flows through: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine.

Left and right bank is shown separately.